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Gitgit Buleleng Bali Waterfall - Location Map & Entrance Fee

Gitgit Buleleng Bali Waterfall - Location Map & Entrance Fee You be hittin' up Bali's beaches too much and feelin' bored, aye? Well, lemme tell ya, North Bali got some lit tourist spots that'll blow your mind, like the Gitgit Buleleng Waterfall Bali - a dope natural attraction on Bali's north coast that's mad popular.

If you keen on checkin' out Gitgit waterfall, keep readin' 'cause I got all the deets, fam! You gonna find out 'bout its location, entry fee, and what makes it so lit. Plus, if you stay in the southern Bali tourist area, I got some recommendations for ya on where to eat and crash.

Gitgit waterfall is located in North Bali, so it ain't exactly close to Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport. But it's worth the trek, trust me. Plus, if you stay near the southern Bali tourist area, you'll have plenty of choices for grub and hotels.

By the way, why do domestic tourists in Indonesia love the southern Bali tourist area so much? Well, it's 'cause the tourist spots in southern Bali got all the amenities and facilities you need for a chill vacation. Plus, you can hit up some sick white-sand beaches there too.

Nature Tourism Activities
Right now, there's a dope trend among domestic travelers who wanna get their adventurous nature on in Bali. Bali Island has got some sick nature tourist activities that are totally pro and attract domestic travelers to give 'em a go.

There are a few nature tourist activities that are super hot right now in Bali, such as Bali rafting trips, trekking, cycling, submarine tours, and more. You're probably hip to rafting and cycling, but what about trekking? The best spots for trekking in Bali are three, ya heard?

First off, Ubud is the tourist destination for trekking in the rice fields with some sick views of the terraced rice fields. Then, there's Kintamani, the tourist destination for trekking to climb Mount Batur. And last but not least, there's Buleleng, which is the only trekking area in Bali that offers sick views of the waterfall.

So, which of these three trekking spots are you feeling the most? I bet you're interested in the trekking spot with the waterfall views, right? Well, among all the trekking places on the island of Bali, the safest spot for beginners with a view of the waterfall is the Gitgit waterfall tourist area. So, where the heck is Gitgit Waterfall Bali located at, you ask?

Location of Bali Buleleng Gitgit Waterfall
If you're looking to check out some dope waterfalls in Bali, then you gotta head up north to the Rule of Buleleng, where you'll find some of the sickest waterfalls around. One of the illest is the Gitgit Buleleng waterfall in Bali, located in the town of Gunung Luwih.

Now, if you're starting out from the tourist hotspot of Kuta Bali, it's gonna be a bit of a trek - around 80 km that'll take you about 2 and a half hours. But don't worry, it's worth it!

The best way to get to Gitgit Waterfall is by far the easiest way to find it compared to other waterfalls in Buleleng, like Sekumpul or Munduk falls. That's because Gitgit is located pretty close to the main highway that connects Denpasar, Bedugul, and Singaraja (the capital of Buleleng Rule).

On your way to Gitgit waterfall from the south of Bali, you'll pass by some other cool tourist destinations like Bedugul. This place is full of lit spots to visit like the Beratan Bedugul pond, the Bali Botanic Garden with its big-ass trees and fresh breeze, and the Pura Ulun Danu Bedugul temple, located on the edge of the Beratan Bedugul pond.

So, there you have it, peeps. Gitgit Buleleng waterfall in Bali is a spot that's not to be missed on your Bali trip. Get up north and enjoy some of the most beautiful nature that Bali has to offer!

Going through the Hillside Roadway
If you tryna get to Gitgit waterfall in Bali, the road is straight-up asphalt hot mix but it's hella winding and steep 'cause it's in the hills. Plus, sometimes it gets all foggy up in there, so visibility is low.

But don't stress, I gotchu! The easiest way to reach Gitgit waterfall is to rent a car with a driver in Bali. If you're tryna hit up other tourist spots like Sanur or Ubud, check out Tegenungan Gianyar waterfall instead.

Now, when it comes to finding a good rental car service in Bali, just hit up Google and pick one from the top 1-4 results. My personal recommendation is to check out the selection and prices on our website (link below).

Oh, and once you get to the car park at Gitgit waterfall, you gotta walk about 50 meters to get to the ticket counter. There's a dope view of rice fields and some clove coffee farms along the way though.

And speaking of tickets, everyone's gotta pay to enter Gitgit waterfall. Here's the breakdown:

Adults: Rp. 20,000 per person
Kids: Rp. 10,000 per person
Car parking: Rp. 5,000 per car
So there you have it, folks! Gitgit waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions in Buleleng, so make sure to check it out while you're in Bali.

Gitgit Waterfall Bali
all things Gitgit Buleleng waterfall. So peep this, if you wanna feel that quick stream of sprinkle and take in the clean sky, you gotta hit up that ticket window first. But don't think you can just roll up and be there, you still gotta walk your way to Gitgit Waterfall, Buleleng.

On the journey there, you gonna walk a bit of a winding path and pass by a bunch of spots selling traditional Balinese souvenirs, as well as some spots that got drinks and grub for you to cop.

But once you finally see that waterfall cascading from the top of that 48-meter high cliff, any tiredness you feel is gonna disappear real quick. Gitgit Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Bali, and that stream is crystal clear and all-natural, perfect for a shower.

But check it, when you hit up Gitgit Buleleng waterfall, you ain't just seeing one waterfall, there's four other falls all close by. Here's a list of the falls you can peep while you're there.

List of Bali Buleleng Gitgit Waterfalls
If you only wanna see Gitgit waterfall, you don't really need no fancy service. But if you wanna check out all four falls, you might wanna hit up a local guide who's usually around to help you navigate.

1. Air Terjun Kembar / Campuhan/Twin Falls/Double Drops
So check it out, there's this sick spot called Campuhan waterfall, also known as double falls, cuz there's two falls that merge into one sick stream. And get this, Campuhan means "mixed water" in Balinese. How cool is that?

Now let me tell you about Gitgit Buleleng Bali waterfall. If you're trying to find it, here's the location map and the entrance fee. This spot is legit, with a little bit of a dark atmosphere because it's surrounded by two cliffs and a ton of trees. But don't worry, under the waterfall, there's a clear and chilly pool of water that you can take a dip in.

2. Terraced waterfalls
And if you're feeling like a boss, you gotta check out the terraced waterfalls. As the name suggests, there are three levels of these high-ass waterfalls with a level of water at each tier. It's a crazy sight to see, trust me.

So there you have it, homie. If you're ever in Bali, you gotta hit up these sick waterfalls. Peace out!

3. Colek Pamor Waterfall
So, check it, the Colek Pamor waterfall spot is straight-up all-natural and nestled up in some woods. Folks mostly hit it up for some outdoor adventure type stuff. But lemme warn you, getting there ain't a breeze - you gotta navigate a dirt road that can get mad sloppy. Plus, there ain't no clear directions to the waterfall itself.

Now, up in North Bali, there's a sick tourist spot called the Gitgit Buleleng Waterfall. It's not as hyped as some of them other tourist traps down south, but it's still poppin'. So, if you're an Indo traveler trying to dodge the crowds, checking out Gitgit Waterfall and some of the other chill spots in the north could be the move. That way, you won't be stuck in traffic for hours on end just to get some R&R.

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